“With other builders, we only had contact with their agent.  They couldn’t always answer our questions.  We were able to talk to Phil directly.  He’s easy to deal with and we were comfortable with him.”
Pascual Garcia & Family

“The follow-up from Gaskill was great.  He was always right there, meticulous and compulsive.  That’s crucial and what made it all work.”
Dr. Johnson & Diann Jung

“We looked at probably five or six builders but the people at Gaskill Homes made the difference.  The floor plan and the people sold us.  They listened and were concerned with our concerns and had our best interest at heart.  Gaskill Homes has lots of integrity and is very trustworthy.  They fixed a few things without batting an eyelash.  They were so nice, we found ourselves just dropping by the office like we had found some new friends.”
Andy & Carol Bradfield

“We knew of his reputation for building quality homes, but Phil treated us like he was interested in our business.  Though he usually built larger homes, he was willing to accommodate us and build at the level we needed and wanted.”
Jerry & Pam Palmer

“We wanted to change the powder bath to a closet, add a bath to the laundry room, and enlarge our kitchen.  No problem, according to Phil.  He was very accommodating in every way.”
Bob & Christie Meek

“We went to quite a few builders before selecting Phil.  We liked the fact that he is down to earth, honest and easily approachable.  He was very easy to work with, no matter how many changes we made and he could always find a solution to our problems.”
Dr. Rajiv Parti & Family

“We knew Phil Gaskill to be a man of integrity and always admired his style and design.  He really delivered that grand “wow factor” with a very responsive and expedited process.”
John & Georgette Border

“It turned out so pretty.  It all flows together – inside and out.  The neighborhood, the home and the view all exceed my expectations.  Gaskill’s staff was really helpful.  They make an effort to find out what it is you really want, even when  you have a hard time describing it.”
Dr. Brenda Barnes

“He built a concrete fireplace that is absolutely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  It looks like it belongs in a castle.  The kitchen is also beautiful and everything in it is standard.  We upgraded very little because everything Phil does is quality.  There were no snafus and Phil was always on top of everything.  If we had a question, it was always answered in a timely manner.”
Cheryl Thomas

“This was our first time going through the building process and Phil’s team made it very easy.  We appreciated Gaskill’s phased decision-making process, which is designed to ease buyer stress.”
Ed & Sharon Tjaardas

“Phil Gaskill was always looking out for us and walked us through every step with no surprises.  He and his team got to know us, and as a result, put our personality into our new home.”
Susie & Gary Meurer

“His architectural plans were definitely conducive to our lifestyle.  We were able to take one of his plans and make minor modifications.  It was as if he had our family in mind.  Where things are located makes tremendous sense – he balances function with style.”
Dale &  Lisa Pitstick

“Gaskill was very approachable and reasonable.  He was always up front about what was going on and very clear on all the figures.  You didn’t feel like someone was taking advantage of you.”
Dr. Ajay & Komal Desai

“We had a hard target date and Phil stuck to it.  If I had to use one word to describe Phil, it would be integrity.  No builder can give you perfection – you can’t afford perfection – but as a value engineer, Phil won’t cut corners or do things that you, and he, will regret.  He’s a stickler for quality and that means a lot. “
Joellen & Jim Mosher

“His model was representative of the quality we wanted in our home.  Phil was flexible in accommodating our design changes, and made the entire process quite relaxing and stress-free.”
Clifton & Lena Johnson

“Phil Gaskill was with us every step of the way and we never worried that something wouldn’t be taken care of.  If we had to do it again, we would choose Phil.”
Deshrath & Rehka Patel

“We had heard a lot about how trying it can be to build a home, but we never experienced any of that.  Everyone was extremely helpful and answered our questions immediately.  We had a very good experience.  It was ten times easier than we thought it would be”
Linda &  John Krieck

“We selected Phil Gaskill to be our builder based on his model home in Grand Island. We patterned our home after the model and modified it slightly. The best part is the job was done so quickly. It only took five months to finish. We wanted a home with Santa Barbara/Spanish-style architecture, and the style of this house matches the style we like. We have an open floor plan that is somewhat unique and offers enough space to raise a family. I also like having the tall ceilings – they vary between nine and 16 feet – it makes the home feel roomier and like it has a lot more space.”
Brad Elliot

‘We interviewed other builders, and felt Phil was most thorough and fair. He’s a good communicator and took us seriously. We liked that he jumped in and took a lot of initiative up front. I had heard horror stories, but the process seemed easier than I thought it would be. Our contract included time with an interior designer. There were certain things that I knew I wanted and the designer’s expertise gave me confidence in my choices. Phil’s customer service is excellent. I would give him a 10 out of 10. He is very aware of the need to get back to his clients. He’s very thorough and anticipates the questions you’re going to ask. He keeps you in the loop and follows up. I really like that about people. Phil was very timely in his communications with us. He gave us weekly updates and let us know what was coming up and what to expect. He included us in the process and allowed us to be on site. I knew what my house was supposed to look like and I checked on it every single day. By far, Phil’s biggest asset is his team and I enjoyed working with all of them. It was nice having their expertise. They were all very responsive and courteous – it felt like having a group of friends build your house. We knew they were looking out for our best interests. Phil helped us realize our dreams.”
Irene Nguyen

When Eric Nielson first moved to Bakersfield to accept a new position, he looked at over 100 pre-existing homes. There were specific things his family wanted in a home and he wasn’t having much luck in finding them. He interviewed a number of builders before selecting Gaskill Custom Homes.

“I connected well with Phil and there were specific elements in his model that I really liked. We designed our home, so when we moved in it already felt like we had been living there for awhile. We really enjoy the great room, which was one of the key features in the model that we were attracted to originally. We have had very few issues since we’ve moved in and they were all handled expediently. I would rate his customer service as excellent. I’ve definitely recommended Phil to other people. In fact, I have friends who are wanting to build and they’ve been meeting with him.
Our home was built in five months, start to finish, and it was a very good experience for us.”
Eric Nielson

Ruby Young had read many homeowner reviews about Gaskill Custom Homes in the newspaper. She was also personally acquainted with people whose homes he had built. So, when Castle & Cooke gave her the names of four eligible builders for lot she had purchased, she immediately selected Phil Gaskill. “I didn’t even look at the others,” she said.

“Everyone was very helpful and very easy to talk to. They understood what I meant and they did what I wanted. I didn’t know how to build a house and they helped so much. Mr. Gaskill was wonderful; he was always on time. In fact, whenever we had an appointment, he was always waiting for me. They would always keep me informed of what was going to happen and when. You can look at the house and tell it’s well made. Mr. Gaskill is a good builder who uses good materials and good people. My house came out beautifully. One of the things that impressed me was how involved Mr. Gaskill was. One day, I saw him out there cleaning and sweeping up debris. They are just really down to earth people and I really appreciate them. If something needs fixing or I don’t understand something, I call Mr. Gaskill and he returns my calls promptly. For instance, there was a tile in one of the bathrooms that was darker than the others and they came right out and changed it. I have nothing but praise for that dear man and his staff. This is a really nice home, and if you’re happy that’s all that matters.”
Ruby Young

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