Our Process

Gaskill Custom Homes’ expertise and strength as a company is in part derived from our extensive and thoughtful advance planning. Phil has the education and work history of estimating and building large one of a kind complicated commercial buildings and residences. These types of construction projects require a great deal of advance planning. Gaskill Custom Homes is unique in applying this same extensive and thoughtful advance planning to each home we build. Our experience has shown that this is the key to completing your new home on time and on budget.

A partial list of the skills and experience we will apply to your new home include: trouble shooting your floorplan and design details, value engineering finishes to match budgets, assisting on-site engineering and lot selection, and early budgeting based on conceptual and preliminary designs and detailed scopes of work. Often we are able to use our model as an example of the quality and details for your new home. At other times the details and floorplan are created from scratch to perfectly match your lifestyle and budget. It is your choice. Phil will personally supervise the construction of your new home on a daily basis. With our professional support staff and fully furnished model, you can have the Peace of Mind that the process will be smooth and stress free, and the outcome predictable.

If you have never had a new home built for you, we encourage you to contact our past clients. Not so much because they will say good things about us, but more because they can relate their experience and what they really liked or perhaps would do differently the next time. They are in a far better position to comment on our skills than we are.

Download the New Home Buyer Process, HERE.

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